The Technology Partnership Journal

December 2013

Metalysis’ vision is to transform the metals industry the metals industry through the commercial exploitation …

Metalysis appoints new CEO

Metalysis, the specialist metals producer, has appointed Dr Dion Vaughan as chief executive to lead the scaling-up of its PM technology. Dr Vaughan is a trained metallurgist and has worked across the metals, mining and investment sectors including Hatch Corporate Finance, Sheffield Forge Masters and JP Morgan. He succeeds Guppy Dhariwal who is retiring, having joined the firm in 2010.


Cheaper Titanium and Other Metals Could Drive Down Cleantech Costs

New production processes could soon affect the feasibility of clean technologies by driving down the costs of such metals as titanium, tantalum, neodymium, tungsten and vanadium. As recently reported in The Economist, a British firm called Metalysis has developed a process that can reduce titanium oxide into titanium metal for less than a tenth of the current cost. The company expects to do so for other expensive metals, rare earths, and alloys as well.