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Transforming Metals

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Metalysis is transforming the world of metals. It owns the global rights to a transformational platform technology capable of producing a wide range of metals, rare earth metals and alloys at a lower cost and with a smaller environmental footprint than traditional processes. Click on the link below to learn more.

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Metalysis' vision is to transform the metals industry through the commercial exploitation of its patented technology for the production of metals with greater efficiency and a lower environmental impact. The board of directors has assembled a multi-disciplined team with a demonstrated track record of industrial success to deliver the vision.

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Metalysis has developed a patented process for the production of high value metals and innovative alloys. Numerous patent families offer global protection to this transformational technology. This simple technology offers both economic and environmental benefits over traditional metal production methods.

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Metalysis can deliver a wide range of niche and volume markets for the production of metals and alloys. The breakthrough, solid-state technology can create alloys that are difficult to manufacture by traditional methods. Metalysis is currently focused on the production of tantalum and titanium.

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Metalysis has commissioned a low capital production facility capable of supplying tantalum. The modular, scalable design of the plant is suitable for the production of a wide range of metals and alloys.

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Metalysis is backed by a group of experienced venture capitalists who were attracted by the scale and potential of Metalysis’ technology. They have nurtured the business from an early-stage University spin-out to a high value metal powder business.

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Metalysis is a fast moving company, constantly expanding its portfolio of products.

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Metalysis is a high value metal powder business based in South Yorkshire, UK. Metalysis always seeks to attract high-calibre professionals with a wide range of backgrounds and experience.

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