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Powder manufacture

Producing metals and alloys for international customers


Forging strategic partnerships for growth

Licensing our disruptive technology for advanced manufacturing


Multi-scale, multi metal, commercial R&D

Partners and projects in aerospace, automotive, metals and academia


Advanced analytical services for additive manufacturing

External and internal programmes from periodic table metals to novel alloys


A disruptive solid state powder technology

Cleaner, leaner metals

Metalysis holds the global rights to a cleaner, greener and more efficient metal powder processing technology

Breakthrough technology

We commercially exploit our modular technology to produce high spec periodic table metals and innovative alloy powders

Improved economics

Our powders, vital metal 3D Printing ingredients, are cost-effective relative to traditional metal processes

Our Mission

Metalysis is a growing company with a disruptive solid-state metal powder manufacturing technology, which is lower-cost and more environmentally friendly than traditional metal production methods.

Our technology combines the Fray-Farthing-Chen (“FFC”) Process invented at the University of Cambridge, UK, with pre-forming and post-processing innovations. Now proven at industrial scale, it can generate high margins from the manufacture of a huge range of metal and innovative alloy powders, for markets embracing 3D printing. These include light-weighting in aerospace and electric vehicle components in the automotive industries.

Our Vision

Powering metal additive manufacturing

Adopting disruptive manufacturing technologies and combining them with core technological offerings, or the Internet of Things, is shaping the future of the products and processes our world requires. Smart manufacturing and technological innovation are central areas of growth as the Factory-of-the-Future moves from concept to reality. Metalysis has the high speciality metal alloy powder technology, production and know-how to meet the challenges this poses.

Cleaner and cost competitive

Metalysis has a cleaner, cost competitive metal powder processing technology which will play a fundamental part in the future of additive manufacturing. Our technology is proven at industrial scale and harnessed by a wide range of industry partners adopting metal AM to improve productivity.

Modular at commercial scale

In addition to being commercially proven, Metalysis’ technology is modular which means it can be scaled up, or down, by stringing cells together. Multi manufacturing a large range of periodic table metal powders and alloys can be continually adapted to meet a given specification, offering ‘just-in-time’ options to create conventional and unconventional metals, master alloys, high entropy alloys and more.

Diverse and growing market

Our technology and powders are currently used in a wide, and fast growing, range of applications that include medical implants, light-weighting aircraft, distributed manufacture and electric vehicles.

Materials Discovery Centre

At our Materials Discovery Centre, in South Yorkshire’s Advanced Manufacturing Park, we carry out bespoke, commercial R&D programmes for international partners in industry and academia. These range from highly prized metals and alloys, increasingly used in additive manufacturing, to completely new alloys previously considered too difficult or costly to produce.

Materials Manufacturing Centre

At our Materials Manufacturing Centre, in the Dearne Valley, our Generation 4 (“Gen4”) expansion is on track to commissioning in 2017. Gen4 will offer capacity to produce hundreds of tonnes of high value speciality metal alloy powders.

Introducing Generation 5

Our next expansion phase, Generation 5 (“Gen5”) was Board-approved in March 2017 and presents distributed manufacturing options for thousands of tonnes per annum of high value metal alloy powders.

Our Values

Promoting the adoption and improving the performance of metal powder additive manufacturing

Based in the UK industrial heartland, South Yorkshire, Metalysis seeks to play a leading role in Industry 4.0. We promote and progress the adoption of metal additive manufacturing across high specification industries. In doing this, we up-skill our growing team, and improve manufacturing productivity to economic benefit.
Our company is answering global demand growth for metal powders as the adoption of our technology into additive manufacturing continues. We are creating jobs as we expand production to provide cost-competitive, environmentally conscience technology to international partners. Our company is proud to be part of a small, diverse group of innovative, commercially proven technology houses, who are together positioning the UK as a leader in smart manufacturing.

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